Standard Floor 4 Man Raft

Standard Floor 4 Man Raft

The Midwest Raft 4-Man Regular Floor Raft is the ultimate choice for your rafting business, featuring Hypalon material, 1200-denier strength, and a 5-inch raised floor. The raft is equipped with six chambers, six D-rings, and Leafield D7 valves. It comes in various colors and has customizations available.


Our 4 Man Standard Floor Raft is the perfect choice for your rafting business. Made of high-quality Hypalon material and boasting a 1200 denier on floor, tubes, and seams, this raft provides unmatched strength and durability. The raised floor design reduces abrasion and increases maneuverability. The “L” hinge protects the tubes from sand abrasion. The raft has six layers of durability including three layers of Hypalon and three layers of Neoprene on the bottom corners.

This versatile raft has six chambers and six D-rings, four 2″ on the sides, and two 4″ on the ends, as standard features. It also features Leafield D7 valves, trusted by the military and boating industry. Customize the raft with your business’s logo, name placement, or numbers for a personalized touch.


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