About Midwest Raft

Your Trusted Partner in the Rafting Industry

Our Story

A Family Legacy in the Rafting Business

Midwest Raft is a leading supplier of high-quality rafts in the United States, catering to the needs of floating outfitters across the country. Our company has a rich legacy in the rafting industry and is built upon the foundations of our family’s successful floating business.

Ty Glendenning, our owner, has been involved in the rafting business since he was a young boy. His grandad started Riverfront Campground in 1994, which Ty grew up helping out in. From picking up trash to working on the boat ramp, Ty has seen the rafting business from every angle. With a lifetime of knowledge and experience in the industry, Ty is a trusted partner to many outfitters across the country.

Growing up at Riverfront Campground, I've seen it all. From working on the boat ramp at just 6 years old to gaining a lifetime of knowledge about the raft business, I know firsthand that Midwest Rafts are the most durable rafts out there.

Thriving Together

Rafting Success Begins with Midwest Raft

Midwest Raft is a trusted and reliable partner for your rafting business. With a rich legacy in the rafting industry and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Midwest Raft offers top-quality rafts and personalized service to each and every customer. Contact us today to see how we can help your business thrive.

Our Value

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

At Midwest Raft, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality rafts in the market. We believe that our success lies in the success of our customers, and so we strive to provide personalized and attentive service to each and every one of them.


Our core values include honesty, integrity, and providing value for our customers’ money. We understand that the rafting business can be hard, and so we aim to make the procurement of rafts as hassle-free and efficient as possible for our customers.


Building a sustainable future where Midwest Raft is synonymous with unparalleled quality and service.


Operating with unwavering honesty and integrity, fostering trust and loyalty among our valued customers.

Our Rafts

Top-Quality Options for Your Business

Midwest Raft offers a diverse range of rafts to meet the needs of our customers. Our selection includes 4 man, 6 man, 8 man, and 10 man rafts, with both self-bailing and regular floor options. Our rafts are made of hypalon, which is an extremely durable material that ensures longevity for our customers.

We also provide customization options, including name placement, logo, numbers, and the number of d-rings, allowing our customers to create unique rafts that represent their business.

Why Us

The Benefits of Partnering with Us

Choosing Midwest Raft means choosing a reliable and trustworthy partner for your rafting business. Our rafts are made of durable hypalon, making them a valuable investment for your business. We offer a diverse range of customization options and provide personalized and attentive service to each customer.

In addition, our website features a user-friendly structure with easy-to-access information, so you can easily find and order the rafts you need. Whether you require 1 or 10 rafts, our team is always on hand to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.