Standard Floor 10 Man Raft

Standard Floor 10 Man Raft

Our 10 Man Regular Floor Raft is the perfect choice for any rafting outfitter or business in the rafting industry. With Hypalon material, 1200 Denier on the floor, tubes, and seams, and six chambers, our rafts are durable and reliable. The 5″ raised floor, “L” hinge, and six layers of durability provide added protection and maneuverability. Customization is available in multiple colors, making our rafts stand out on the water.


Our 10 man regular floor raft is the perfect solution for river outfitters looking to offer their clients an unforgettable experience. Made with the strongest and most durable Hypalon material, this raft boasts exceptional resistance to chemicals, abrasions, and punctures. The 1200 Denier on the floor, tubes, and seams ensures maximum durability and longevity even in extreme weather conditions.

Enjoy unmatched maneuverability and reduced abrasion with the 5” raised floor and “L” hinge feature that protects the tubes while in use. Our expertly designed rafts ensure quick and easy inflation with the Leafield D7 valves that are used in military and professional watercraft.

You also have peace of mind knowing that our 10 man regular floor raft comes with six layers of durability consisting of three Hypalon and three Neoprene layers on the bottom corners to ensure that it lasts longer than our competitors.

With six chambers, you can be confident in the safety and stability of your raft. Plus, the six D-rings with four 2” on sides and two 4” on ends are standard. Plus, we offer customization options so you can have your raft designed to your exact specifications.


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