Standard Floor 8 Man Raft

Standard Floor 8 Man Raft

Join our successful rafting industry clients and conquer the rapids with our 8 man regular floor raft! Hypalon material, 1200 denier floor, tubes, and seams, 5″ raised floor, six chambers, six D-rings, and Leafield D7 valves ensure safety and durability. Customizable in multiple colors with your company logo and name placement.


Our 8 man regular floor raft is the perfect addition to your fleet of rafts for your business in the rafting industry. Made from Hypalon material, our rafts are designed to provide superior strength and durability in even the most extreme environments. With 1200 denier on the floor, tubes, and seams, you can be sure that our rafts will last through multiple seasons of river excursions.

The 5″ raised floor wraps around the side tubes and features a “L” hinge to protect the tubes from abrasions and punctures. Our rafts also feature six layers of durability, including three layers of Hypalon and three layers of Neoprene on the bottom corners. The raft’s six chambers, combined with the high-quality Leafield D7 valves, ensure top-notch safety for your customers out on the water.

Our 8 man regular floor raft is versatile and can be customized to suit your business’s needs. Choose from multiple colors, including blue, red, yellow, gray, and black, and add your own customizations, such as your company’s logo or name placement. Our raft is perfect for taking larger groups, making it an ideal choice for your business to thrive in the rafting industry.


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